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Reconsidering the place of life, reuse, imagination and utopia in our urban landscapes.

Microtopies is the 3rd edition of a festival of huts organized by the WAAO - Centre d'architecture et d'urbanisme, inviting us to reconsider the place of the living, of reuse, of the imaginary and of utopia in our changing urban landscapes - between urbanism, architecture, design and landscaping.

Organized by the WAAO, in collaboration with the Metropole Européenne de Lille (MEL), Edwood Construction, Ramery and several associated communes and companies in the Hauts-de-France region - the Microtopies Festival is an exceptional opportunity to bring together residents, local authorities, associations, architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers around the installation of micro-architectures in various public spaces linked by water in the Lille metropolitan area and in Dunkirk: squares, parks, vacant lots, forests, marshes...

The Microtopies Festival invites residents to discover, experience and even take part in the construction of ephemeral, never-before-seen architectural micro-interventions: 12 huts made - from recycled materials - and imagined by collectives of architects, urban planners, landscape architects and designers, winners of a national call for projects that set out to :

- provide living spaces for residents in public spaces

- animate and bring to life natural spaces,

- awaken curiosity 

- enable the younger generation of landscape architects to explore and experiment

- awaken the imagination, questioning our everyday natural environment 

- explore notions of the circular economy, resources, material recycling and reuse 

- showcase local designers, businesses and know-how through committed projects.

All summer long - the cabins we've built all over the region provide the perfect setting for events, tours, workshops and encounters.

The Microtopies Festival, with its various installations at 12 sites, makes up a summer itinerary across the entire region, offering new approaches and fresh perspectives on the communities of the Lille and Dunkirk Metropolitan Areas, as well as revealing mobility routes: on foot, by bike...

In the autumn - in partnership with the University of Lille's Metroforum Chair - the WAAO will present an analysis and methods based on the experiments carried out, as part of a dedicated publication.

The WAAO is an association founded in Lille in 2006, dedicated to the transmission of architectural, landscape and urban culture: exhibitions, conferences, workshops, urban tours, educational tools... The WAAO program acts as a platform for promotion, outreach, dialogue, encounters and collaboration on a metropolitan, national and international scale.

It is a "forum" for promoting understanding of the future of cities and territories among all publics. The transmission of subjects related to architecture, landscape and urban planning is an integral part of citizenship education. 

The WAAO aims to make the codes of the city and its territories, and the way they are made and operated, accessible to all.




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