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A collective of multidisciplinary artists, Visual System deploys immersive & experiential contemporary art and contributes to the representation of the French scene internationally. Going beyond borders, at the crossroads of the fields of art by summoning cinema to technology, music to architecture: Visual System explores the relationship between space and time, nature and science, waking dream and reality to propel an imaginary which immerses in the heart of the intimate, collectively. By combining architecture with light, Visual System brings together the continents to compose a living corpus of monumental works — visual, sensitive and organic.

Created in Paris in 2007, Visual System brings together: Pierre Gufflet + Julien Guinard + Ambroise Mouline + Valère Terrier.

“See the music and hear the light” John Cage

Until September 24, 2023, the collective of artists Visual System is invited by the Atomium to invest its exhibition spaces dedicated to digital creation with Restart — temporary exhibition, and Centrale — permanent work which will sculpt the Atomium of light and sound.

In the summer of 2023, the Wanderlust gets a makeover alongside Visual System, invited to imagine and design a unique work that comes to life at night: Vega.

Work-structure of light – halfway between an immersive and technological universe, Vega immerses us between waking dream and reality. Defining an other space in the heart of Paris, Vega composes a score generated by color and built by sounds, around shapes and movements. At each moment, a single thread unfolds: the chapters of an abstract narration follow one another, viatics of a synesthetic exploration.

In December 2022, Visual System immersed the Wonderfruit Festival in a psychedelic halo of light & art connected to music. A monographic exhibition of all their works is presented until February 2023 at La Shampouineuse in Aubervilliers.

In October 2022, Visual System gave an appointment for Variations: a live at the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris. To be seen in November, on all screens with france•tv/Culturebox.

In 2022, Visual System took over the Gaîté Lyrique with Détour: a three-dimensional, evolving and colorful work that transported visitors to the heart of a forest of geometric abstraction, regenerating new perceptions.




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