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Since 2007,  Visual System has been reinventing the links between creation techniques and visual perception. The collective, based in Paris and made up of several multidisciplinary artists, creates immersive environments that explore the relationship between space and time, nature and science, daydreams and reality. Their ambition? It boils down to a maxim inspired by the American composer John Cage, one of the pioneers of multimedia installations: Let the music see and the light hear. Guided by this principle, Visual System sculpts spaces with geometric shapes made up of LEDs and sounds. The fusion of the two offers the viewer an experience as spectacular as it is hypnotic. They are based on the latest technological advances, the four visual artists are narrators above all. They tell stories of today, abstract and colorful that summon the internal workings of our mental images, and are able to make us believe that our perception of the world is primarily through not the eyes, but the brain. Each of their project leads the public towards an elsewhere, generates a kind of natural trance. Their works stimulate our physical and psychic senses and engender a true state of spiritual communion.

At the start of the 2021 school year, with Détour: Visual System - an international artistic collective - inaugurates in Paris - at the Gaîté Lyrique, a new programming space dedicated to new writing and immersive experiences. The first floor of the Gaîté Lyrique becomes, from the start of the school year, an area for exploring and experimenting with new artistic and narrative forms, linked in particular to virtual or augmented reality, podcasting, video games ... Détour is a audiovisual and immersive sculpture created specifically by Visual System for the Gaîté Lyrique. Inviting to wander and contemplation, the work Détour is presented to the public for the first time.




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