Usus et fructus is an association under the 1901 law whose purpose is to develop our critical understanding of space through the development of cultural projects covering a wide disciplinary field (arts, social sciences, architecture, writing, design, ecology, etc.) and media (exhibitions, paper and digital publications, conferences, workshops). Usus et fructus is chaired by Justinien Tribillon and its treasurer is Océane Ragoucy.

The main project is currently Jachères: an exploration of urban and peri-urban wasteland in Hauts-de-France through art, design and architecture.

In 2023, the Jachères team begins its journey with its Season 00 on Pier 1 of the port of Dunkirk, at the Halle aux Sucres. Winner of the New Worlds program, Jachères offers four artistic residencies, an exhibition, a public program and research into architecture and design from April to July 2023.

Curators, artists, participants collectively ask themselves: What is abandonment? The dirty ? The disorder ? Why call certain species of plants or animals that inhabit wastelands “invasive”? How to highlight wastelands without destroying their identity? Their soul?




implementation of speeches (press releases + newsletters) for journalists, opinion leaders, professionals and prescribers