Since 2015, the annual Urban Experiences meeting has welcomed to Roubaix several big names in urban cultures who have made the city and contributed to its influence: Brahim Bouchelaghem, Marion Motin, JonOne, 13Blocks... In addition to national and international companies such as Jef Aérosol, C215, Ola Volo or Emmanuel Unaji. To extend the growing success of this project, the association Cultures Urbaines Roubaix, with the support of the city of Roubaix, presents URBX Festival in Roubaix and in Lille from June 15 to 26, 2022. The programming of URBX Festival has been orchestrated by an artistic committee made up in particular of the city's historic cultural partners: La Cave aux Poètes, La Condition Publique, Le Bureau d'Art et de Recherche, ESMOD, Anti_Fashion Project, Parkour59, Le Ballet du Nord “CCN&vous! », the company Zarhbat, the Flow.

Intrinsically creative & urban, with emergence & youth anchored in its DNA: URBX Festival mobilizes the richness of Roubaix's history and prospective. URBX Festival deploys a multidisciplinary program - integrating both local and international artists - for a dozen days and in the most diverse places, the most improbable as well as the most grandiose in Roubaix.

Taking place in the heart of the zero-waste city, in line with Roubais' commitment, URBX Festival is committed & participates in meeting the societal and environmental challenges we face by being an inclusive & sustainable festival with territorial, national and international.



audit, benchmark, positionnement


veille, recherche, prospective, cartographie, schéma narratif, coordination de production & de diffusion 


direction stratégique, conception/rédaction des prises de parole, plan de communication, médiaplanning, mise en oeuvre opérationnelle, influence - ciblage, relations presse/influenceurs et publiques/prescripteurs-professionnels - et médiation - promotion, partenariats