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Theatrum Mundi helps to expand the crafts of city-making through collaboration between artists and urbanists.
Theatrum Mundi is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with the charitable aim of improving the understanding of cities through education and research. They think that collaboration with artists can offer city-makers — architects, planners, engineers, and urbanists — critical approaches to the way their crafts shape the public life of cities.
Their concern is for the ways the public lives of cities, in all their forms, are understood and designed. They aim to enrich these by engaging urbanists in co-production of knowledge, culture, and design, with artists, writers, performers, and scholars.

Sonic Urbanism - project to study and explore sound issues in the city, initiated in 2018 by Theatrum Mundi, Crafting a Sonic Urbanism is a series of conferences led by Theatrum Mundi - independent urban research center located in London and Paris. After the first editions of the colloquium at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord in 2018 and 2019, the third edition of the colloquium, centered around the theme "Listening to non-human life", will be held in 2021 from Paris - to the Gaité Lyrique. Last October, a call for entries was launched for researchers, artists and professionals working on these issues.

While the railway wasteland known as the "Charcoal Chapel" begins its transformation into an urban park, Voi [exs] is a unique musical and scenic creation in situ initiated in 2017 to celebrate with the inhabitants the memory and the future of this common place, outside common. During and after the redevelopment, the actors of the project together transmit the movements that arise from the site and the harvests, make the first names of the inhabitants resonate with the architecture and the surrounding nature to collect their memory and participate in its transformation.

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