Approaching the notion of respect, and therefore that of dignity, at the start of 2022, leads to an act of commitment at the heart of this key moment of transition in our time. The respect magazine is embodied by faces, movements, aspirations and takes the floor by giving it to unique, singular and collective voices, gathered through stories, manifestos, exclamations.

Backed by a strong and demanding 10-year history, GROUPE SOS has launched a new medium that flies the flag of respect in all its forms: respect for others, for difference, for everyone, that is to say about the difference in terms of age, gender or sex, sexual orientation, disability, beliefs, opinions, social, cultural, economic origin...

Exploring intimate stories and collective revolutions, understanding our history, going beyond injunctions, supporting struggles: respect brings together faces, actions, punchy investigations around societal, environmental and cultural topics.


50 shades of commitment: the first number of respect is a celebration of 50 personalities, 50 fights, 50 powers of commitment essential to our society.

Culture within GROUPE SOS is a cultural laboratory of possibilities through places of cultural production and residences, media, heritage, cinema, a production and cultural engineering agency: H7, Creatis, Acta Vista, respect magazine, Commune Image, The Third Pole, Souffleurs d'images. In total, 12 structures, more than 430,000 people imported by the actions implemented and 700 employment contracts issued per year, 85% of which are with employees in integration.

GROUPE SOS is an associative group, leader in social entrepreneurship in Europe. It brings together 600 associations, establishments and services, which fight, act and innovate for the benefit of people in vulnerable situations, future generations and territories. Since its creation in 1984, during the AIDS years, GROUPE SOS has been fighting all forms of exclusion, carrying out actions in the field to promote access for all to the essentials, helping associations to safeguard their activities and their jobs, and innovates in the face of new social, societal and environmental challenges. A major player in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, non-profit, GROUPE SOS acts on the ground, in France and in 34 countries internationally.




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