“Guérit de tous les maux – Barbès”: behind this enigmatic title hides a photographic exhibition that took us from Barbès to California. Rémi Ferrante – a 34-year-old photographer, creative, and filmmaker – works between Paris and Los Angeles, two cities and two cultures that inspire him. Throughout the summer, he presented an iconographic voyage and accumulation of posters, a tribute to the sonic and visual universe of the neighborhood of Barbès. This photographer sought to offer a perspective on the contradictory inspirations that inhabit him, as a resident of the Barbès area and as a lover of California. He maintains strong links with the brasserie, which itself is a crucial venue, infused with meaning, reflecting the renewal of this neighborhood. Through this exhibition, this photographer wanted to undertake a deep reflection on the notions of identity, belonging, and world citizenship. These are themes that resonate with the world of today.

“Guérit de tous les maux – Barbès” was an unprecedented exhibition of 7 posters and 11 photographs, in collaboration with Blast Magazine, presented from June 22 through September 20, 2017 at Brasserie Barbès - Paris.

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