A resource and project structure at the confluence of creation and regional planning, the POLAU-arts & town planning center is developing in action a cultural town planning laboratory for artists and cultural operators, researchers, communities and developers, in France and abroad. Through its incubation and experimentation activity, it supports artistic projects linked to the city and to the territories. As a specialist town planner, he is developing an urban studies component. Finally, it produces and disseminates the resources emanating from these crossings. In 2019, he imagined GÉNIES-GÉNIES, an artist-engineer program investing three environmental themes: the energy transition of regions, waste recovery and river culture. Each is the subject of an interdisciplinary laboratory with regional actors and aims to produce works, awareness-raising devices and scenarios of territorial ingenuity.

Between art, science and natural rights, the Loire Assemblies are the occasion for a unique public meeting - from September 9 to 12 - which brings together different structures linked to the Loire to listen to each other. of the river, consider new ways of living with the entities constituting the environment: consider the Loire. In the course of public hearings aimed at considering the recognition of the legal personality of the Loire, many Loire residents, researchers, sailors, artists, fishermen, recognize themselves in the spirit of a Loire parliament and wish to take part in it. This perspective resonates with the 20 years since the Loire Valley has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This event is built thanks to a desire to "come together" to think about and collectively experience our interdependencies with the river. This multi-partner program around the presentation of the Report to a Parliament in the Loire is organized on the occasion of the raising of twenty traditional boats to Orleans. Entrusted to the sailors, the manuscript will be brought to the councilors of the regional capital, Orléans.




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