An art of city to accompany the changes of the time through the most contemporary artistic forms.

Because the city is a scale that everyone can apprehend, L'Ososphère accompanies the main guidelines that structure our era through urban changes.

Its artistic programming is based on the singularity of Strasbourg, in the purpose as in the places it invests or manufactures. Activating the spaces, she creates a set of situations that make these mutations emotionally perceptible to the viewer, at the same time as they emerge a new common memory.

On the occasion of its 20 years, L'Ososphère returns to its places of origin. In an intuitive spiral-like trajectory through Strasbourg, in the meantime it has activated the Seegmuller mole (2011), the Coop sur le Port (since 2012) and the Central Campus (in 2015), with several hundred thousand people, exploring both new geographical and urban perspectives.

Electronic Nights hosting the international scene of electronic music, in situ digital art works, ephemeral architectures, video interventions, interstices, experiences to live the city like nowhere else: this return to La Laiterie is the starting point a new chapter in the history of L'Ososphère, closely linked to that of Strasbourg and its time.

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