Paris La Défense

World premiere — In the forbidden basements of Paris La Défense

From September 16 to October 01, 2023, Paris is hosting the world premiere of La Chambre des souvenirs à-venir.

Two partners Mondes Nouveaux and Paris La Défense have come together to offer the public a unique experience: the discovery of a complex world where you are invited to get lost or find yourself, for a period of 30 minutes, in the basements. banned from Paris La Défense.

The room of memories to come is designed by the architect François Roche who brings together with New-Territories a multidisciplinary and international team: the philosopher Emanuele Coccia (France) & the artist Mika Tamori (Japan/Thailand), the artist- director Chris Delaporte (France), artist-researcher Damien Sorrentino (France) and actress Laura Benson (UK/France) 

Signaling the return of New-Territories_S/her to Europe, to France, to Paris, The Chamber of Memories to Come is one of the last opportunities to dive, under the slab of Paris La Défense, into these prohibited places, programmed for be restructured.

The experience of an archaeological retrofuture

The Chamber of Memories to Come is immersive & performative — philosophical and technological, scientific and psychological, cinematic and theatrical — alive, visual and architectural.

The Chamber of Memories to Come is experienced, lived, played, felt, constructed and deconstructed. It is this metamorphosis that is proposed in Paris, in the intermediate / interstitial spaces under the slab of Paris La Défense.

The unique time of the event, these forbidden basements open up, to become the den where to surprise the snatches of a conversation, an argument, a polyphonic and cavernous controversy put into words & staged between a philosopher & an architect who entrust to pareidolic and cosmic entities what is whispered about the future of the world in a temporal elsewhere.

 An archaeological retrofuture that watches us struggle in the jumble of the here-and-now.

“Here, tomorrow, already there”

Emanuele Coccia's words, holo-cosmosgraphic avatars developed in collaboration with Chris Delaporte invoke pareidolic brain glitches, Mika Tamori's invisible live scribbles reveal themselves intermittently, like spasms.

"It seems plausible to us to combine a story with the future tense, in the literal sense, to look at a tomorrow, a tomorrow right in front of us (the one that frightens us and that we never stop caressing) where the species (ours and all those on this planet) mutated aura, both human and technoid, vegetal and cerebral, chrysalis and Darwinian chimera. Post-parietal creatures give themselves the right to speculate on the hypothesis of a new branch of evolution. Then a rise to the surface, in the psyche of a “blue pill” » New-Territories_S/he

“To thwart the relationship with an individual or collective past [···] To remove the illusion of necessity that binds us to a past of a biological species. To be able to make (re)live a site like a childhood room still pregnant with futures that have not (yet) declined in the present. To be able to break down the evidence with which we regard our nature as Homo sapiens as a necessary trait. [···] an experience that frees the life of all species from history and invites it into an exercise in the imagination in which everything has yet to happen. » Emanuele Coccia


2,000 people exclusively are invited to enter the concrete maze of Paris La Défense, both a pagan cathedral and an infrastructural residue from the 1960s, at the intersection of the A14, metro line 1 and from RER A.

To enter The future room of memories, each participant must reserve their 30-minute slot.

The descent into the basements will be carried out in groups of 12 people simultaneously.

The experience is accompanied by a dedicated guide.

 The proposed experience is psychological and intellectual, physiological and spiritual.

The room of memories to come is reserved for those over 16 years old.




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