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Creating situations that foster encounters—with others, the landscape, and culture.

By intersecting architecture, scenography, and design, Martial Marquet Studio explores a transdisciplinary approach in which architectures, furniture, installations, and objects are conceptually and structurally envisioned as vectors of a narrative that reinvents social space.

Often conducted collectively, the studio founded by Martial Marquet sees its projects as new tools with various experimental and interactive alternatives.

The studio's achievements are oriented towards the design of spaces for conviviality and hospitality—both in public space and the landscape. Realized within the framework of urban planning and landscaping or cultural contexts and events, Martial Marquet favors raw wood, promoting greater integration into their environment. The purity of forms reveals the play of construction and assembly, giving its constructions a minimalist and sculptural dimension.

Whether permanent or ephemeral, hybrid and evolutionary, the studio's achievements advocate for efficiency of form and use, placing the user experience at the heart of the project.

The built object has a formal and symbolic existence of its own and becomes a "signal object."

In 2023, the HOME MADE exhibition. Create, Produce, Inhabit proposed by the CID—Center for Innovation and Design at Grand-Hornu (Belgium) was dedicated to remote work.

Martial Marquet Studio presented the Bureau idéal installation there.

Bureau idéal is a micro-architecture that offers a critical reflection on remote work—designed and built in 2020, previously presented in Pantin during the Emergences Biennial 2020.

Bureau idéal is a critical formal proposition stemming from the spring 2020 lockdown period. This structure plays on dualities, bringing together exchange and isolation, rest and work. Ideal Office embeds these daily activities in a raw materiality almost timeless.




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