Ile de France

Macki Music Festival has, for five sessions now, considered itself part of an approach that is decentralized from the traditional Parisian party circuit, offering a modern and unique cultural selection in Paris and the nearby suburbs.

Organized by Parisian collectives La Mamie's & Cracki Records, this festival attempts, each year, to communicate as best as it can the values that unite its creators: a spirit of curiosity, of new encounters, and of warm hospitality, musical eclecticism, eco-consciousness, and accessibility.

Its leitmotif is to offer varied programming that blends concerts and DJ sets in a festival that’s on a human scale, where the spirit of family prevails. Macki Music Festival is part of a landscape of “mini-festivals”, events on a reasonable scale to create the conditions for an atmosphere that’s like a village festival. One of the key factors is to break down barriers between spaces and do their utmost to simplify traffic flow on-site, so that festival-goers can meet up easily and enjoy a total experience.
In 2018, Macki Music Festival put down stakes on the banks of the Seine at the beginning of summer – the better to celebrate its fifth anniversary. 



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