The role of Le Fresnoy is to foster innovative work, especially productions involving digital and multimedia creative tools. It is not unusual for artistic projects at the Studio to explore new possibilities in computer applications, pursued in collaboration with research laboratories and companies in the private sector. At Le Fresnoy, this experimental spirit is also intellectual: symposiums, lectures and workshops explore rich themes germane to contemporary art, extending to broader, scientific and philosophical questions such as plasticity and the relations between art and technologies.

Every year Le Fresnoy hosts some of the most acclaimed artists in their fields, who come as visiting teachers. To give only a few examples: in cinema, Raùl Ruiz, Robert Kramer and Jean-Luc Godard; in dance, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker; in the visual arts, Sarkis and Gary Hill. These artists work with the students at Le Fresnoy while at the same time developing a personal project. In its efforts to embrace every aspect of art-making, Le Fresnoy regularly exhibits works made on-site but also from other sources, presented in ambitious exhibitions. Their quality has been acclaimed by both critics, fellow professionals and the art-going public, establishing Le Fresnoy as a leading presence in this field.

After only a few years of existence, Le Fresnoy was attracting interest and collaborations from leading contemporary art institutions such as the Villa Medici in Rome, the ZKM in Karlsruhe, IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, as well as art schools all over the world (Cuba, South Korea, Canada, the USA, etc.). Young artists, too, come from all over, attracted by the quality of the teaching and the facilities. Each new intake includes students from countries as diverse as Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Moldavia…

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