Le Grand Bleu aims to defend an ambitious, innovative and proactive lifestyle performance policy for new generations. Accompany the child, the teenager, the emerging adult, families on the paths of beginnings, artistic discovery, arouse curiosity, wonder, nurture the imagination, awaken sensitivity, the critical eye ... As many essential issues that make Le Grand Bleu a privileged space for better living together and diversity.

An open theater, a field of adventure, a place of manufacture, a place of research, meetings of forms and desires, a shared project that will try to go further in the involvement of new generations in the life of the world. establishment and artistic creation. The place of the possibilities of the "art smugglers" that are the artists, the parents, the teachers, the educators, the animators ...

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audit, benchmark, monitoring, research, prospective, positioning, strategic and artistic direction, textual - account & story-telling - and visual - briefs


strategic direction, communication plan, media planning, operational implementation, influence - targeting, press and public relations, and mediation - media partnerships


monitoring, research, mapping, prospecting, networking, partnerships