Le Consortium-Land is Le Consortium Museum’s department for research and experimentation/architecture, social issues and environment. Founded in 1977, the Consortium Museum is a contemporary art center located in a 4,000 m2 building renovated and transformed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. It has developed a publishing company (Les presses du réel), and a movie production company (Anna Sanders films). Le Consortium Museum has established an extended, uninterrupted dialogue with artists, making it an exacting laboratory and space for aesthetic debate, with exhibitions as its language. Throughout its history, Le Consortium Museum has developed specific expertise in the conception and realization of large-scale projects related to architecture, visual arts, cinema and publishing. It models itself as an actor for cultural development on a territorial level.

Le Consortium-Land — Le Consortium Museum’s department for research and experimentation/architecture, social issues and environment — is invited by curator Hashim Sarkis to How Will We Live Together? the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, from May 22 to November 21, 2021.

It will present Grancey-le-Château, A World at the Edge / Patrick Berger's Birds' Pavilion, an original installation conceived as the preview for an ever-evolving ethological architectural site that is the only one of its kind in the world. It was initiated in 2018 by Le Consortium-Land in the town of Grancey-le-Château (Côte-d’Or, Burgundy, France). Instigated by Patrick Berger’s impetus and in conjunction with the Nouveaux commanditaires (New Patrons) program established by the Fondation de France, alongside the residents of Grancey-le-Château, Le Consortium-Land has invited Aristide Antonas (Greece) and Junya Ishigami (Japan) to imagine architectural constructions based on the relationship between humans and animals, considered from various angles.

At the core of the development of the Grancey-le-Château site is an ethological direction, ethology being the scientific discipline that studies the behavior of species, including the human species. This experimental model proposes to define in the long-term future housing projects for differentiated, peripheral territories and geographies, whether in France or elsewhere. In 2021, Patrick Berger’s Birds’ Pavilion, is the first permanent construction on site in Grancey-le-Château, in parallel with the public presentation of its duplicate at the Biennale Architettura in Venice.

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