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Jack Souvant is an actor and director. Trained at the Jacques Lecoq International School and the Laboratory of Movement Studies, he founded and directed the BIB Collective (Inner Raw Happiness) from 2001 to 2023, a group of artists who create performances and sound events in public spaces. In 2004, Jack Souvant ventured into radio as a reporter and commentator on France Inter with Kriss. Since then, he has been a reporter and radio producer for various shows on France Inter, France Culture, and Radio Nova. He co-authored the podcast "Les aventures rocambolesques d'Edouard Baer et Jack Souvant" with Edouard Baer for France Inter, winning the Native Podcast Grand Prize in 2022.

In 2023, together with Jeanne Paravert, he founded Jack&Jane Productions. They create poetic portraits of world cities with hundreds of voices through their project P/REC in different spaces.

After navigating through various roles in the audiovisual field (assistant director, cinema programming, documentary film production), Jeanne Paravert joined France Inter in 2017. She worked on shows like "Remède à la mélancolie" by Eva Bester and "Blockbusters" by Frédérick Sigrist, alternating between journalist roles on radio and television (Tchi Tcha on Canal+, C à Vous on France 5, etc.) until 2022. In 2023, she released her first podcast "Grandeur nature" on Arte Radio, a first-person investigation into extraordinary women. Additionally, she engages in illustration and occasionally creates videos for the Gymnastique program on Arte.TV. She co-founded Jack&Jane Productions with Jack Souvant.

"…/… what really happens, what we live, the rest, all the rest… what happens when nothing happens… what happens every day and repeats every day, the mundane, the daily, the obvious, the common…" Georges Perec experimented with the "infra-ordinary" on May 19, 1978, for France Culture.

Invisible in a van at the Mabillon intersection in Paris, he systematically and rigorously described everything he observed. Inspired by this work, Jack Souvant imagines - 40 years later: P/REC.

P/REC is a performance, a response, opening a microphone as a fixed point in the city for about a hundred people to describe the present in that location for 24 hours, with each voice speaking for ten minutes.

A description. An exhaustion of the place. A subjectivity. A perspective.

Loudspeakers are placed around the square so that everyone passing through or occupying the space can hear what is said. 

A poetic portrait of the city.




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