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Roubaix is ​​positioned as an alternative city. A cosmopolitan city, bubbling, endearing, which reveals itself to those who bother to listen to it and watch it. A city in the rough, which has taken advantage of its past wealth to create new in the times, and its industrial heritage abounding to reinvent itself as a tourist destination. Roubaix, it is also a city where the world of tomorrow is invented, with a commitment since 4 years around the Zero Waste approach, which mobilizes all the actors of the city. Roubaix, it is obviously, in the collective imagination, the inseparable city of the legendary race Paris-Roubaix.




audit, benchmark, brand platform, story-telling


monitoring, research, prospective, cartography, editorial positioning, coordination


strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, communication plan, media planning, operational implementation, influence - targeting, press and public relations - and mediation - promotion, partnerships