Culture within GROUPE SOS is a cultural laboratory of possibilities through places of cultural production and residences, media, heritage, cinema, a production and cultural engineering agency: H7, Creatis, Acta Vista, respect magazine, Commune Image, Le Troisième Pôle, Souffleurs d'images... In total, 12 structures, more than 430,000 people imported by the actions implemented and 700 employment contracts issued per year, 85% of which are with employees in integration.

Talking about culture within GROUPE SOS means talking about links, movement, paths, stories, stories and ideas. This guideline daily irrigates the places of cultural production, the support programs for creators and entrepreneurs, the media and the desire to transmit knowledge from the cultural sector of GROUPE SOS.

On January 18, 2022, the culture advocacy was presented - produced in collaboration with jigsaw - during a round table, moderated by the journalist Sébastien Theme, with Laurence Audras, Development Delegate of France Culture, the writer François Beaune, Bernard Latarjet, President of ONDA and of the Silvia Monfort Theater and Claire Andries, General Director Culture of GROUPE SOS. With a plural and unique experience in the field, GROUPE SOS notes that it is imperative to best support cultural entrepreneurship, by giving project leaders the tools, listening and territorialized support. necessary, get out of the polarization of places for informed and lay audiences, work on access to culture for remote audiences and put individuals at the heart of artistic and cultural education.

Through the Public Laboratory, the culture sector of GROUPE SOS offers new ways of artistic encounters for people in situations of exclusion. By joining forces with artists and cultural institutions, an offer of actions is deployed throughout the territory for the beneficiaries of GROUPE SOS establishments, in particular those dedicated to child welfare, medico-social and caring for our elders. La Villette, the Théâtre de la Ville, the Art Explora Foundation, the Monnaie de Paris, the Center Pompidou, and many others, contribute with the cultural sector of GROUPE SOS to orchestrate an unprecedented approach to development and cultural accessibility for everyone.




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