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AI at the heart of artistic creation.

Join us in Paris from May 16 to June 08 for Artificial Dreams - AI at the heart of artistic creation: the immersive exhibition-performance presented by the Grand Palais Immersif and with the support of Microsoft.

Artificial Dreams is a ground-breaking exhibition-performance offering a panorama of AI- and algorithm-assisted artistic creation. The best of AI-assisted creation in a large-format plunge into the heart of a poetic and spectacular world
Along the exhibition route, visitors are invited to discover fabulous, sometimes disturbing works, the fruit of collaborations between artists and supercomputers. An immersive dive into the dreamlike world of machines that questions the viewer about the meteoric expansion of artificial intelligence. 

- the participation of 12 of today's most creative international artists (USA, Canada, France, Japan...)
- a spectacular immersive projection in the main hall of artistic creations created using AI
- a series of installations on the floors of the Grand Palais Immersif
- a series of "live" events and conferences (round tables, performances..)

The artists: Markos Kay - Andy Thomas - Tryphème & Ulysse Lefort - Ryoichi Kurokawa - IMMERSIVE ARTS SPACE/ZHdK - Mots - Daito Manabe - MSHR - Sabrina Ratté - Justine Emard - Visual System - Emi Kusano - Iconem - Niceaunties

Curated by: Charles Carcopino




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