From 4 May 2019 to 5 January 2020 GIGANTISM will be occupying three emblematic venues in Dunkirk – the Halle AP2 brownfield site, the Grand Large– Hauts-de-France Region Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC) and the LAAC sculpture garden – with additional events elsewhere in the Region.

Aimed at a wide audience while at the same time applying strict artistic standards, this new triennial explores the interconnections between art and Industry. By generating synergies between the region's cultural institutions and economic circles, it is setting out to build bridges and spotlight a territory – Dunkirk and its environs – with a long industrial and maritime tradition. Bringing to bear the visions of artists, engineers, designers, graphic designers and architects, the event's multidisciplinary emphasis will trigger fresh thinking about the region's industrial past, present and future.

Titled GIGANTISM, the triennial's inaugural edition will take place between 4 May 2019 and 5 January 2020. Organised by FRAC Grand Large– Hauts-de-France and the LAAC, the event will revolve around an innovative approach to the history of art during the period 1947–1989. The canonical narrative focuses largely on the United States, but the time has come to foreground a previously marginalised and isolated French art scene. GIGANTISM restores French art to its rightful place in global terms, stressing the many links between the various local art scenes and their counterparts abroad, and the radical artistic and economic changes taking place at the time.

Spread over more than 4,000 square metres, this first Triennial features projects in public spaces, performances and a three-part exhibition in iconic Dunkirk venues. The Halle AP2 brownfield site is home to outsize works as a reflection of reality and the fascination with sheer size that characterises gigantism. The Grand Large– Hauts-de-France Region Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC) looks into the domestic space version of the phenomenon. And the LAAC sculpture garden focuses on the processes that precede the creation of a work of art and the traces of American art to be found in the work of French artists.



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