Opened in 2011, la Gaîté Lyrique is a cultural venue of the City of Paris, devoted to the meeting between arts, technologies, and society. Conceived as a multidisciplinary platform, la Gaîté Lyrique’s perspective on popular cultures, digital practices, and their emerging artistic forms is enlightened, critical, quirky and entertaining.A meeting point and a place of work for artists, la Gaîté Lyrique is open to all to visit an exhibition, see a concert, attend a conference, have a drink or participate in a workshop. Through annual exhibitions, conferences, screenings, concerts and workshops, la Gaîté Lyrique does not interpret digital technologies for themselves, focusing instead on their impacts on society.

Its original position on the national and European level stands out with the de-hierarchization of knowledge and practices, of arts and cultures, of techniques and sciences. In a congenial and festive rapport with its audience, and shared access to today’s cultural practices, la Gaîté Lyrique is a place for initiation, a lively place open to the world and to every demographic. 

La Gaîté Lyrique has welcomed more than 1 500 000 visitors since opening in March of 2011. Its hybrid economic model relies on half of its financing covered by the City of Paris and the other half covered through its ticket office, its privatizations, its partnerships, its coproductions, its bars, its shop and its training course program.

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