The Lille European Metropolitan Area

FAIREWAY is a legally established non-profit association. This legal status allows for the launch and promotion of projects and values of those who are energized by a common initiative and who have come together under a legal structure to make it real. BEAU is part of this initiative. It seeks to reinvent a new way of producing major events, focusing on a fully collaborative approach between various venues/stakeholders and arts, with a certain reliance on their common denominator: technology as a tool for artistic creation, capable of generating something amazing. This is about coming together to introduce these marvels to a larger audience and promoting shared event programming.

Digital technology has become an “ordinary” creative tool for contemporary artists. It allows for an exploration of new modes of expression. It has become a pathway shared by all artistic fields – dance, theater, music, film, contemporary art...-, artists, and spectators.

Today, most cultural institutions present projects that can be considered “digital art”, sometimes without even being aware of it, or simply because the method used is less important than the ideas on offer. With BEAU, the FAIREWAY association has decided to unite, coordinate, and celebrate “digital arts” programming at different cultural venues, either in Lille and its metropolitan area, or not, in order to promote the impact that technology has on the creative process and its capacity to generate stunning results, and provoke thought and encounters.

Indoors, outdoors, on stage, on screen, or in the street.

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