Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense, the largest business district in Europe, is also the largest open-air museum in France, which has, over the years, provided a unique creative ground for many renowned contemporary artists. In 2018, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Paris La Défense is offering from July 5th to October 21st a unique artistic journey: Les Extatiques.

With Les Extatiques, Paris La Défense invites Fabrice Bousteau to imagine an extraordinary artistic career, born from the meeting and exchange between the territory and the artists. Soundwalk Collective, Lilian Bourgeat, Fanny Bouyagui, Hanif Kureshi, Vincent Lamouroux, Leandro Erlich, Matteo Nasini, Encoreunestp and Pablo Valbuena are invited to invest and reveal spaces sometimes unknown to the general public - for some unveiled for the first time - on and under the slab used by more than 180,000 visitors each day.

Anchored in everyday life, Les Extatiques invites its inhabitants to a day, an evening and always, to rediscover Paris La Defense through an unusual artistic walk.

Marrying the minerality of the territory and the singularity of its public spaces, Les Extatiques brings a sensoriality and new emotions in an urban labyrinth punctuated by works both monumental and surprising in which the visitor is invited to get lost. Together, creates a place of well-being where everyone is led to dream.

The Extatiques is a poetic and striking parenthesis, in the effervescence of a district in constant boiling, in the Greater Paris under construction.

With Les Extatiques, Paris La Défense stands out as a key destination within European artistic and cultural creation. A true living organism, the territory reaffirms its identity through an ambitious program, echoing the architectural audacity that characterizes it.

More than a new artistic rendezvous, Les Extatiques is a new way of celebrating the city, a call to (re) discover Paris La Défense otherwise, the time of a birthday.

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