In the former Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, Paris

Écran Voisin – based on a concept generated by Olivier Forest, based on his encounter with 3 associations
(Yes We Camp, Amore, and Kino Kino) – is part of the Community Cinema movement that is flourishing in England and of independent, self-managed movie houses throughout the world, offering a new kind of cinematic experience that is somewhere between a local movie house and a permanent film festival. It’s about creating a space for cinematographic exploration on a human scale, with an eclectic program: “renegade films” produced outside of traditional network, vintage documentaries, carte blanche for festivals and “local” productions, young-people’s showings to educate them in the art of the image, sneak previews, cinematic concerts, performed showings, and more. In 2017, Les Grands Voisins was the very first cinematic territory explored by Écran Voisin as part of a weekly event on Sundays. The second season of Écran Voisin includes phase 2 of the Grands Voisins project in a surprising movie hall, through a bi-monthly event.

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