A purpose store: an Advent boutique with extra meaning
In the very heart of Paris, in the Marais, Contremarques is an Advent boutique – unique because it takes a stand - (and not “pop-up” – a caricature, over-used, for short attention spans) open only from December 12-15, 2018. Contremarques is designed as a point of reference, a crossroads, a symposium (a term often over-used in international architecture and design) of brand profiles that stand for something, built around their essential encounters with us, consumers determined to bring meaning to truly sustainable shopping. Within this ethical marketplace we find fashion, design, food, and various clear points of view. Contremarques – through a selection of brands, products, performances, and events — guides us to better living every day and to exploring our society, with a eye on tomorrow, looking to future generations. 




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strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, media planning, operational implementation, influence (targeting, press and public relations, social media, events) and mediation (promotion, media partnerships)