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To begin and end the fall — Collectif Coin takes over CENTQUATRE-PARIS then Chaillot – Théâtre national de la danse, at the confluence of several artistic fields, to draw - in two stages - a link between technology and man with: Ataraxie, installation & performance as part of the Némo and EtSi Biennial... choreographic piece created in duo with Rachid Ouramdane and with Lora Juodkaite.

Two places for vertigo in the plural: a double dive, a double spinning choreography to multiply the perspectives by composing an ultra-sophisticated immersive audiovisual environment.

Since 2013, Collectif Coin led by Maxime Houot has created numerous sound and visual pieces presented on the international scene. Exploring the limits of its own perception, Collectif Coin deploys a practice that is both artisanal and conceptual. His questioning begins in the workshop, by manufacturing the device that will support his next creation. Artisan-visual artist who handles the material, the machine and the object: a fundamental triptych in his artistic process. The artisanal gesture is nourished by a more conceptual approach. A graduate in applied physics, the world around him, even when put into equations, has always been a source of fascination and wonder. The passage of time, relative reality, the digitization of the void, man as a digital machine are reflections which accompany him and nourish his imagination. Collectif Coin is the company with which Maxime Houot likes to experiment, by combining his work with that of artists from other disciplines: dance, music and live performance.

With Ataraxie (literally: “peace of mind”), Collectif Coin shares an installation more than 30 meters long which immerses the public in a sequence that is as hypnotic as it is meditative. For around ten minutes, mechanical and tentacular arms create a choreography which connects immersive scenes. Starting like a slow boat on a calm sea, the performance takes over the entire space to end in total apotheosis.

Through a skillful play between light and darkness, EtSi... seems to set space in motion. Whether by the gyration of the light machine piloted by Collectif Coin or by the whirling of Lora Juodkaite, the dialogue between these forces choreographed by Rachid Ouramdane immerses us both in the calm of the eye of the cyclone and in the power of the movement that surrounds it.



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