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The Coldefy firm, through its projects, reflects current values as they evolve and shift over the short/medium and long term. Coldefy pays particularly close attention to a sensitive search for balance between an environment, a landscape, and project realization, along with respecting the brief and an economical approach, in other words, a tri-dimensional context that is environmental, urban, and social. A Coldefy building is approachable, vibrant, and innovative, providing quality of life to its users, and generating surprises while seeking just the right solutions. This also means pushing certain limits and creating measured diversity and density.

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audit, benchmark, monitoring, research, prospective, positioning, strategic direction, textual and visual briefs


monitoring, research, cartography, editorial direction


strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, media planning, operational implementation, influence (targeting, press and public relations, social media, events) and mediation (promotion, media partnerships, marketing digital, community management)