The CIPAC is the French Federation of Contemporary Art Professionals. A legally established non-profit organization founded in 1997, CIPAC unites professionals involved in the production and promotion of, and outreach related to, contemporary art in France. Members include:
a.c.b – art contemporain en Bretagne (contemporary art in Brittany), ADRA – Association de développement et de recherche sur les artothèques (Association for the development and research of art libraries), AFROA – Association française des régisseurs d'œuvres d'art (French Association of artwork technical consultants), Aica-France – French section of the International Association of Art Critics, ANdEA – Association nationale des écoles supérieures d'art (National association of superior art institutes), APPEA – Association nationale des classes préparatoires publiques aux écoles supérieures d'art (National association of public preparatory courses for fine art academies), Arts in residence – National network, BEAR – Bibliothèques d'écoles d'art en reseau (Art academy library network), BOTOX(S) – contemporary art network for the Alps and the Riviera, C-E-A – Association française des commissaires d'exposition (French association of exhibition curators), CINQ,25 – Contemporary art network for the Limousin region, CNEEA – Coordination nationale des enseignants d'écoles d'art (National coordinating group for art academy instructors), CPGA – Comité professionnel des galeries d'art (Professional committee of art galleries), d.c.a. – Association française de développement des centres d'art contemporain (French association for the development of contemporary art centers), Réseau documents d'artistes (Artists’ documentary network), FFCR – Fédération française des professionnels de la conservation-restauration (French federation for professionals in conservation and restoration), LoRA – Lorraine Réseau Art (Lorraine Art Network), Marseille expos, Platform – Regroupement des Fonds régionaux d'art contemporain (Group for Regional contemporary art funds), Pôle arts visuels Pays de la Loire (Loire region visual arts center), Réseau Diagonal, Tram – Réseau art contemporain Paris / Île-de-France (Paris/Ile-de-France contemporary art network), Versant Est – Réseau art contemporain en Alsace (Alsace contemporary art network), 50° nord, Réseau transfrontalier d'art contemporain (Cross-border contemporary art network).
In 2016, the member of CIPAC came together in a general meeting to call public decision-makers to action in terms of the industry’s situation. While the co-construction of public visual arts policies and the preservation of the industry’s ecosystem were at the heart of discussions on the first day, the second edition of CIPAC’s annual general meeting opened a dialogue around three new themes:
Cultural rights, Art and Cultural Education, and Locally based Policies:identified as major subjects that represent imminent issues for the industry, these grand themes debated in a round-table format by elected officials, central government and local-area representatives, as well as researchers, in the presence of Catherine Texier, president of CIPAC, and its 24 member organizations on Monday, October 9, 2017 at the Carreau du Temple – Paris.

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