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Located in the 19th arrondissement, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a space for residencies, production and dissemination for audiences and artists from all over the world. Designed by its director José-Manuel Gonçalvès and his teams as a collaborative artistic platform, it gives access to all the current arts, through a resolutely popular, contemporary and demanding program. An atypical place of life dotted with shops, it also offers spaces for free artistic practices and early childhood. For start-ups that integrate its incubator, it constitutes a unique experimentation area, at the crossroads of art and innovation. With a cultural urban planning approach, its engineering team delivers unique expertise for innovative cultural and artistic projects around the world.

Presented from May 29 to August 1, ENERGIES DÉSESPOIRS - A World to Repair with Encore Happy, Bonnefrite and the École Urbaine de Lyon is a device that presents worlds that are collapsing and others that are being rebuilt and repaired collectively. This exhibition explores two sides of our planet in motion: the scientific data of the Anthropocene which document the crisis of the habitability of the Earth, and the contemporary initiatives at different scales which outline a repair at work.

At the invitation of José-Manuel Gonçalvès - artistic director of CENTQUATRE-PARIS, the device specially designed and produced for the exhibition takes the form of a set of 120 large-format paintings painted by the artist Bonnefrite and which are divided into 1,000 m2 of Aubervilliers hall. The 60 paintings of despair in black and white respond to 60 paintings of energy in color, arranged back to back. Each painting is accompanied by a short text which completes the image with quantitative indications and put in perspective.

"The ENERGIES DESESPOIRS exhibition is fully in line with the approach we have had from the start: starting with a complex social subject, the Anthropocene, we first have a message delivered by Bonnefrite's paintings. Our contribution is obviously a large space that we make available and the audiences associated with it, and it is also to have ensured this principle of aesthetic and plastic emotion above all. It was not quite so at the beginning of the story, our frequent exchanges with Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon allowed this evolution. We have gone from a very educational exhibition to an exhibition of committed Art, where Art is both the vehicle and the culmination of a thought that should be eloquent and impactful. Finally, the team worked in action research, where research and action took place in a single time space, like in the theater in short. In its scenographic form, the exhibition creates a dramaturgy, a dramaturgy moreover announced as a Shakespearean text with this very strong title ENERGIES DESESPOIRS. » José-Manuel Gonçalvès, director of CENTQUATRE-PARIS

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