Within the Original Creations Department of the Canal+ group, the Shorts and Creations programs are presented throughout the year in shows lasting a single season, such as L'Oeil de Links , recurring and constructed around unprecedented collections such as “Demain, si j'y suis”, in 2016. Broadcast until 2017, L’Oeil de Links was the Canal+ show dedicated to creativity on the internet, or, how to share your favorites and discoveries, whether it’s viral videos, artistic experimentations, mashups, or gems of geek culture… This collaborative show was created by the largest editorial team in the world: connected and curious fans who explore the internet. Whether amateurs or professionals, here, it made no difference: everyone shared, with contagious enthusiasm, online happenings, and didn’t hesitate to show us a flurry of GIFs, hypnotic websites, or WTF moments. With an offbeat tone, this webzine rose to the challenge of intelligently deciphering the latest tech, aesthetic, and economic evolutions online. An eclectic array of media outlets, themes, and participants made a joyous jumble, creating a lively, relevant show.

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strategic direction, conception / writing of speaking engagements, media planning, operational implementation, influence (targeting, press and public relations, social media, events) and mediation (promotion, media partnerships)