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"Telling differently is not contrary to a certain historical piety, insofar as the inexhaustible richness of the event is honored by the variety of stories that are made of it, and by the competition that this variety arouses. " Paul Ricoeur

In the spirit of the Faro Convention, the Association of Cultural Meeting Centers (ACCR) contributes to developing the expertise of the teams of the Cultural Meeting Centers (CCR) concerning the appropriation of heritage by all, for a renewed and lively approach to what constitutes “heritage”. From December 12 to 14 2022, the ACCR and the Center Culturel de Rencontre – Château de Goutelas invite you to a “learning stay” in partnership with Les Oiseaux de Passage, built between working time, meetings and sharing on the theme of Heritage, variety of stories: what place is given to the other?

On a daily basis, the ACCR affirms its role of research, experimentation and innovation on themes common to the CCRs. Twice a year, the ACCR joins forces with a CCR for a festive moment of collective research anchored in the territory, allowing everyone to question themselves on contemporary social issues, art and heritage contributing to this reflection. Last May, the network met at the Center Culturel de Rencontre in Ambronay around the theme Young creators & professional integration: between European mobility and short circuits.

On a national, European and global scale, the network of Cultural Meeting Centers brings together around thirty members and partners around a common issue: the dual enhancement of a heritage site and an artistic and cultural project. It has been coordinated since 1973 by the Association of Cultural Meeting Centers and integrates the issues of territorial development, cultural transmission, professional integration, technological innovation, sustainable development, tourism and creative industries, offering a vision innovation in the promotion of heritage.




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