Fanny Bouyagui created Art Point M in 1991 and set up shop in a former textile workshop in Roubaix, renamed the Laboratoire Factory, a living and working space. Art Point M now includes 7 members, 4 of which have been there since the start, preaching the good word of offbeat urban culture that came out of the major underground movements of the 1990s and from cultural diversity. From its inception, Art Point M has taken over abandoned industrial spaces and key venues in Roubaix’s history, thus creating the first-ever Braderie de l’Art within Roubaix’s former municipal baths – now renowned under the name “La Piscine”. This event that mixes recycled design, DIY, technologies from the FaBlab, and which advocates creative design for a local circular economy – attracts between 15 and 20 000 people each year. At the same time, in a desire to defend open minds, tolerance, and cultural diversity through electronic music, Art Point M launched the NAME Festival in 2005. For over 25 years now, Art Point M  has had the chance to work with a wide variety of artistic and cultural stakeholders on a local, national, and international scale on unprecedented productions such as: Didier Fusillier (Lille 2004, lille3000, La Villette), Jean Blaise (Lieu Unique and Voyages à Nantes), José Manuel Gonçalvès (Le 104) and Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller (Festival d’Avignon), and to collaborate on a regular bases with lille3000 (Designing, among other projects, the opening parade for Fantastic in collaboration with JC de Castelbajac, in 2012), Artevia (Design for culinary event Taste Art - Relais et Châteaux at the Palais de Tokyo, Le Havre 2017), Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, with Fanny Bouyagui as associate artist…or even, more recently, - under the artistic direction of Fabrice Bousteau – with Les Extatiques at Paris La Défense.
Art Point M also presents and produces a recurrent series of events each year: NAME Festival - Braderie de l'Art - Lille Tattoo Festival
Art Point M designs products and publicizes urban installations that are somewhere between visual arts, music, and performing arts: Parade urbaine - Peace for all - Crazy house - Et si Cendrillon n'avait pas existé - Pop up - Carnaval electro - I have a dream - Golden cubes - Sun city - Soyez les bienvenus - No comment – and also works on art and fashion and set or installation design.

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