Lille, Paris, Marseille

Rabot Dutilleul is launching the 5th edition of its “Archidéelles” call for ideas, starting on December 11, 2018 and running through March 1, 2019, based on the Grand Boulevards of Lille, Paris, and Marseille.
Rabot Dutilleul came together in 1920 by betting on the major innovation of the era: reinforced concrete. Ever since, they have never stopped innovating by integrating various forms of development as key elements for them: sustainable development, technology, design, and the value chain in real estate. By launching, in 2013, a call for ideas on regional, national, and European levels, Rabot Dutilleul has sought to foster innovation and highlight young talents that will build the cities of tomorrow. This year, candidates are invited to reflect on re-energizing the thoroughfares that structure our metropolises: the Grand Boulevards. As complex ensembles facing multiple challenges, they make us dream of redemption, to create cities that are more sustainable, efficient, and attractive.
Combining the Grand Boulevards with a future focus: how shall we live along the Grand Boulevards, both today and tomorrow? “Archidéelles” encourages candidates to think of new hubs that can adapt to current and future needs and uses. It’s a matter of focusing on revamping traffic flow and designing architectural or micro-architectural projects that re-infuse meaning and innovation, and that commit the local area to moving toward resilience. This elicits increased awareness of the different types of users of these places: institutions, companies, shops, associations, inhabitants, citizens, and passersby. 
Nowadays, urban and architectural matters are viewed through a variety of perspectives: eco-consciousness, new technology, sociology, the economy, energy, heath care, transportation, agriculture, and more. These elements seem essential to any thought process on sustainable and intelligent development for our cities, v. 3.0. What’s more, a major challenge involves building new relationships with the zones surrounding these thoroughfares, whether close by or areas further afield.



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