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.able is the new visual search medium.

.able: the visual magazine at the intersection of arts, design and science

.able is the free, multi-media visual journal that publishes research at the intersection of arts, design and science through images.

.able combines academic excellence, artistic excellence and openness to the general public by putting contemporary, environmental and societal questions into perspective and images.

.able is the media that reinvents publication forms to make research accessible through images.

.able: a free magazine distributed both on the web and on social networks

.able increases entry points to research in arts, design and science, for everyone, through its 5 original visual essay formats: scroll.able, pan.able, zoom.able, story.able and video.able. On screens, small or large, in portrait or landscape, the journal's articles are available to show the richness of interdisciplinary research that explores unique forms.

.able publishes between 3 and 5 articles per quarter on various subjects: from the design of sustainable fashion to that of living micro-architecture, from the dynamics of bacterial contamination to the exploration of deep sleep.

.able: the trilingual magazine — French, English and Spanish

A unique magazine with a radically image-focused positioning, .able is betting on sensitive experience as a language capable of speaking to new readers.

To further affirm this desire for accessibility, the .able magazine is arriving this fall in trilingual form: the textual content of the magazine will be available from November in French and Spanish, in addition to the English already online.

A new important step for the .able journal and its entire network of partners wishing to address readers as well as contributors well beyond the traditional linguistic barriers of the world of research and of academic publication.

.able: the magazine created at the initiative of the Arts & Sciences Chair of the École Polytechnique, the School of Decorative Arts – PSL and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation

Designed at the initiative of the Arts & Sciences Chair of the École Polytechnique, the École des Arts Décoratifs – PSL and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, .able is supported by around thirty international academic partners brought together to publish original way of interdisciplinary research results which give their full place to the image: among which the Royal College of Art in London, the University of New York, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Kwame University of Science and Technology Nkrumah in Ghana or the Intermediatheque, museum of the University of Tokyo.

.able: launch in November — French-speaking in Paris and Spanish-speaking in Madrid

Two highlights are being organized - in Europe - this fall, to celebrate the multilingualism of .able.

Thursday November 9 will mark the French-speaking launch of .able at the École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris and Wednesday November 29 (to be confirmed) in Madrid for the Spanish-speaking launch.

The fundamentals of .able will be presented, numerous articles commented by their authors, free wanderings in the heart of the magazine exhibited in electronic and paper form, and experimentation with an installation-performance where dreams and oceans, however unfathomable, mingle and reveal themselves. As for the cocktail, it will be associated with a print bar where everyone can produce their own magazine.




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