Just like its neighborhood, 16, rue Debelleyme, was, in turn, a dwelling-place for nobility and a platform for transactions and commerce – having lived through many reconstructions and transformations. Since 2016, carrying on this history, a new version is underway. With the socio-economic changes in the neighborhood, and in a desire to restore heritage and create new businesses: 16 Debelleyme has been redesigned – faithful to the values that made it a crossroads of the Upper Marais and a platform for ideas, desires, and freedoms for inhabitants, artists, artisans, and international and local visitors. The restructuring that began in 2017 was entrusted to Pierre Audat & Associés. Sensitive to the links between architecture and art and to urban and human transformations, Pierre Audat & Associés designed a revamp of the Société des Cendres du Marais, located on rue des Francs Bourgeois. For 16 Debelleyme, Pierre Audat & Associés created an architectural project that respects the very essence of what has happened within these walls. Soon after, 16Debelleyme would become a refreshed space for hospitality, habitation, and businesses. In 2016, 16Debelleyme opened its doors to Lafayette Anticipation – The enterprise foundation from Galeries Lafayette, achieving its groundbreaking program through the presentation from October 11-23, 2016 of “Faisons de l’inconnu un allié” (Let’s get friendly with the unknown). Blending international artisans from the fields of contemporary art, design, and fashion, promising an international commitment to creative design as a driver of change, both social and cultural, tangible and symbolic, “Faisons de l’inconnu un allié” was more than just a relevant echo; it was a singular resident, an engaged part of contemporary thinking that began back in the 18th century around the existence of 16Debelleyme within its street, its neighborhood, and its city.



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