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DEBUT ALBUM is an original curatorial project conceived by Théo Diers, which will run from March to June 2024 through a series of exhibitions and events. Bringing together the work of some fifteen artists, mainly from the visual arts, DEBUT ALBUM tackles from a sociological and pop point of view certain themes inherent to creative work, such as social origin, affects, money, commitment, youth, values, legitimacy, knowledge production and joy.

am i a nepo baby? is the first part of the DEBUT ALBUM cycle, which takes the form of a unique exhibition dealing with the symbolic conditions of the emergence of creativity and the work. am i a nepo baby? tackles questions linked to transmission, inspiration, self-fiction and youth. With Dana Cavigny, Luke Diers, Patrick Diers, Nalla El Shekshaky, Paul Garcin, Elisabeth Gomes Barradas, Nina Orliange, Harilay Rabenjamina. From March 20 to 23 at Paris 03 - 18 rue des Quatre-Fils.

success story will be the second part of the cycle, dealing with the material conditions of artistic work. It will explore notions of anti-capitalism, the critical efficacy of art and success as a paradigm organizing the art world. With Aurore Le Duc, Joseph Perez, Léa Laforest and Victoria Soufflet. May 15-19, Paris 20 - CONFORT MENTAL.

je suis artiste will be the third part of the curatorial project DEBUT ALBUM. It will feature a program of performances by four artists whose practices will unfold in a monumental setting. With Morgane Baffier, Ophélie Demurger, Louise-Margot Décombas and Paul Garcin. June 1 at Poissy - Villa Savoye, as part of Nuit Blanche.




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